How are you different from other payment options?

Tipboxme allows for instant tips in seconds, through your phone without exchange of personal information (e-mail or phone number). The money is deposited to the bank account and the money is deposited automatically.

How quickly do I get my money?

Once the payment is approved from , money is transferred to your bank account usually within  1–2 business days but it varies depending on your bank. Usually if you have a major bank, your money is transferred into your account the next day. However, some smaller banks may take longer.

Can I tip in all currencies?

We are working hard to make it available globally but currently, you can only tip using USD.

Why do we need a phone number?

Phone number is required for security and to meet necessary regulations.

Do I need a smartphone to use Tipboxme?

Yes, as someone giving a tip, smart phone is required to scan the QR code. For tippe, the smart phone is not required.

How do I tip someone?

Once you log into the app, click on the button below the text: “Tap to Scan”. Select your tip amount and you are done!

How do I find my unique code?

To view your code, log into the app and click on “dashboard”.

Transaction History

To view your complete transaction history or statement, you can log into the app and click on the buttons above the text “Information about your Activity”.